random ledge 19

granted, there was a tv directly in front of him playing movies just for him, but he wasnt all that interested- he would rather look at the movie cases that the movie itself.  goofy kid!
for some reason ledger just loves playing with cups.  and now, he's got one with a handle!  he is set for a couple hours now!
he totally loved that little racer!
it made sounds and moved the little figures on the front around and around.  oh what fun!
ledger spending some quality time with his cousin!
'no no.'  ledger getting some stern warnings about getting in to things he shouldnt.
ledger was just as excited to see mema and papa as they were to see him!

random ledge 18

whats up, little man?
ledger trying to find his belly button!
he wants to put his sandals on so he can go outside, but he just doesn't quite know how...
enjoying his ledger sized chair!
happy with daddy.
come on sleepy head, its time for your nap!
hair a mess.
listening to all kinds of farm animals doing their thing!

on deck

with a deck this large, we could just sit back and let him have at it!
mema pushing ledge around, honking the horn and having a blast!
sure its got disney princesses on it, but ledge didnt care- he was having a blast on that thing!

five year engagement

this is kind of funny.  on the left is the picture we took that afternoon after we got engaged, and on the right is a picture of the two of us five years later at that same spot.  its amazing to think about how much has changed since that first shot!  when i first put these pictures side by side, i think the thing that most surprised me is just how much better we look now!  who would have thought, huh?  i always knew diana was beautiful, but its pretty amazing to see that she has gotten more stunning over these past five years!  maybe i am good for her!

baby gathering

ledger meeting a new friend!
oh, its not just the little ones who were acting like children...
everyone catching up at the beginning of a new season out at the pines!
ledger sizing up squeegee, and squeegee sizing up ledge.
and most important of all: a big hug for mema!

have a seat

chillin' out relaxin'!  he sure looks like a little man enjoying the afternoon at the trailer, huh?
since he couldn't quite reach the ground, this was his solution for getting out of it...!  cleaver boy!  thanks again lissa!

flea fashion

lissa offered to drive out to sandy pines.  i had no problem at all with that because it meant that i got to sit in the back and play with ledger!
in the back of lissa's vehicle she had a video player so ledger could watch movies on the trip.  the funny thing though, is that he had no interest in watching the movies, he was much more interested in checking out the dvd cases!  he spend the whole trip- 30 minutes- checking those things out, paying no mind at all to the tv screen right in front of him showing one of the very movies he was holding in his hands!  strange kid...
mema strapping ledger in to walk over to the flea market.
walking around the flea with lissa and mema!