one time he had his binky in and just kept rubbing his face into my shirt- so cute!
whoa!  i grabbed my phone to take a picture of him sleeping and just as i press the button to take the picture- he opened his eyes!
now why cant you do this when you are actually in the car?!?
sleeping in his swing with his dear sweet browny!

bouncy seat

he loves to push those buttons (almost as much as he likes to push his mom's buttons- hey oh!)
so cute!
he seems a little nervous about the whole thing.  'um, what do i do with all this, dad?'
he carefully examined everything before he got really comfortable with it.


i think he was a bit surprised by the fact that when he reached out for the cracker that he was actually able to hold it!
'alright, i've got this thing.  now what do i do with it?!?' ledger thinks.
after sucking on it for a minute, he seemed to rather like it!  sorry buddy, but its too solid of a food for you to eat just yet...

reunion after party

oh, sal!
ledger's not too sure about what's going on...

mini reunion 2

everyone hanging out as we finish the delicious food david made for us.
everyone out in the water enjoying the warm water in the middle of the lake.
needless to say, ledger was definitely the center of attention that day!
grandpa beaming with pride.

mini reunion 1

lissa, miranda, and levi came along to the reunion.  granted, they arent family through blood, but they are still family!
mom's cousin enjoys a little time with ledger as great grandma plays a bit too!
ledger's not entirely sure about that levi guy...
ledger catches a few zzz's before the guests arrive.

bye bye couch

the old couch on its way out.
feel free to have a seat by the curb- no really, feel free to have it!
looks amazing, huh?  what an amazing find- not a scratch on it and no signs of wear!

papa and mema stop by

mema and little ledger just hanging out.
ledger wanted to take a ride on papa and he was all to willing to oblige!
big mema hug!
ledger even got a new toy from his mema and papa- a sock monkey, which he was thrilled with.  let the spoiling begin!

even more cute!

our sleepy boy just chillin in the car seat with his ol' pal sophie the giraffe.
ledger with the first toy he ever picked out for himself!
good morning, sleepy head!