work break

snuggling up with poco for a quick snooze.
i was deserted by the dog!
he sure is cute, huh?

be our guest

some assembly required...
the hard part is done.
i'm so proud- our first finished invitation!

past due party 2

after bowling the kids let off some energy playing dodgeball.
a few teachers participated as well, but we were often singled out by the opposing team and pegged off first!
racing to get the balls first after the whistle was blown!
after the pizza party it was time to go home. it was certainly a fun day!

past due party 1

the kids love bowling! as you can see by all the empty pop bottles, they are sufficiently hopped up on caffeine!
the teachers have their own lane for playing as well. i sat out this year in honor of our fallen comrade matt. (he was the gym teacher who left last year, and was an amazing bowler!)
bowlers in motion
the crowded bus filled with sugar filled sixth graders!

eye thingy

this is kinda gross, thats why im hiding it over here on the image gallery. for about the past year i've had this bump next to my eye. it was just a little thing at first, i just thought it was a skin tag that i would have to live with. over the past couple months though, it grew quite a bit, at least three times its original size (the first picture is when it was its original size). i was starting to wonder a bit more about what it was- skin tags don't usually grow that fast.
i asked barbara about it (she's a nurse, so i figured she would at least know what i should do about it), and she suggested going to see a dermatologist. the next day i asked around for where would be a good place to go. i got a number and was planning to make the call when i noticed it was a bit discolored on the side. i examined it and decided to try pinching it again to see if that would make any difference (it never did in the past, except make my face hurt...). low and behold- it popped! what?!? this thing was just a zit the whole time?!? that is so gross! its been a week, and nothing has come back, so i think the problem has been solved. it sure was gross though.


not only was it cold, but it was really snowy too!
time to shovel the driveway!
looking down the street it was hard to tell where driveways were.
this was taken when it was only about five below, it got about ten degrees colder the next day!


not only was it cold, but it was really snowy too!

looking down the street it was hard to tell where driveways were


i always get yelled at by my mom and sister about how i post pictures of them here that they don't like or think is flattering. they always say 'well, you wouldn't like it if we put up bad pictures of you!' so, as a way of apologizing, i humbly submit these terrible pictures of me. we even?

this one is from a while ago when diana and i were eating at the mall food court.
very flattering, huh?
as a member of special forces, my brother gets to wear this cool hat. don't worry, he looks much better than me wearing it.
now that, sir, is a good looking beard!

taco grande 2

the booths we were in didn't have enough room for us all, so nick and barbara sat in the one just across from us. here we see nick's anti-social behavior, trying to distance himself from everyone else. he doesn't play well with others. (that was sarcasm)
bubba sure had a great time!
aves was quite excited to see her uncle!
me with one of my top two favorite nieces!

taco grande 1

aves has her bib on and is ready to go- now just give her some food!
tweets is about to chow down on some tasty taco goodness.
tweets and aves enjoying their meal.
well, this is a terrible photo. there is no reason to include this, yet here it is. go figure.

more poco

i just found some more pictures of poco. they are much too cute to pass up, so i knew i needed to share them with you here!

christmas randoms 2

after all the crazy blizzards and rain storms, it was nice to have the sun peek out, even just for a minute!
a strange family portrait... we stopped at the gas station and i filled up diana's car for her and thought i'd get a strange photo of her, myself, and our dog poco.
diana making herself a sandwich.
aves playing in papa's chair.
diana and i enjoying some yummy chips and salsa from my favorite mexican restaurant, hacienda.

christmas randoms 1

diana kicking back and reading a book during some downtime christmas day.
wrapping some prizes for christmas!
chad chillin out.
aves enjoys taking papa's chair away from him!

painting, round 1. 3

taking a moment to enjoy the process. even though we hate the process...
the new color is starting to look good!

now that the painting is done, i'm not very excited to lean up the mess.