hand print board

 putting the stain on the board out on the deck.
he picked the color blue, his current favorite, and had to do a few practice hand prints, of course!

first day of preschool

showing off his BB8 backpack!
on our way!
one last goodbye hug for mama.
one last goodbye hug for daddy.
playing on the equipment with his new classmates!

preschool open house

excited and ready to see his new classroom!
of course he found the thing that would be the loudest and most annoying to everyone else.  of course he did.
playing out in the playground with his new buddy jackson!

making lunch

spread that peanut butter!
needless to say, he's pretty excited for his lunch!
now that's a proud chef!

random ledge 57

wearing matching homemade BB-8 costumes with cousin tavish!
auntie barbara has a cute little knitted bee toy that ledger has always been obsessed with, so we decided to make our own!
story time at the allegan library!
making a city and airport with his different toys!
a yummy fruit smoothie out on the deck!
having fun with auntie miranda and uncle levi!
being a goofball...
taking a break from playing so he can do some drawing...
his muse- BB-8!

seeing movies

christmas in august

i'm pretty sure ledger didn't blink the entire ride...
at one point he demanded that papa stop the cart so he could get out and just soak it all in!
his face says it all...
papa wanted in on some of that excitement!
the whole happy family!


my fine fix-up with the duct tape.  it may not be pretty, but it'll do!
aaron getting down in it!
cutting off the old part of the pipe.
aaron's beautiful handy work.

bush 3

all in all, the three of us had an absolute blast!

bush 2

jeffry lee rockin' out!
an all girl band called 'the dead deads' opened up for them.  they wore face paint.  it was kinda dumb.
then it was time for the main show: bush!
gavin rocking out!
jeffry lee is having a great time!

bush 1

we met up at jons, so it was fun to see his lil penny again- its been a while!
hanging out at best buy across the street instead of waiting in line.
we finally joined the line as soon as we saw it start moving.
heading into the showroom, wandering around a little, checking the place out.  i had only been to the orbit room once before, so it was cool to go again.
somebody got their party on a little too early...  we had only been in the venue for about 10 minutes when i saw a woman passed out in the corner missing a shoe...  security soon came and escorted her and her out sans shoe.