winter wonderland

about to go in and enjoy the show at the regent!
being silly as we wait for the movie to begin!
what a goofball!
hopping on the carriage for a ride around the town.
wandering the streets of beautiful allegan.
making crafts at the griswold theater.

crafty barbara

auntie barbara measuring the yarn so they have enough for the craft.
its all about team work!
the two of them were totally getting in to it!
one of the crafting stations, which was clearly everyone's favorite, was decorating cookies to eat!

random ledge 59

ledger, at the kitchen table, drawing away!  he is currently obsessed with snowmen, so thats what he usually draws...
coloring at the library!
trying out mema's glasses!
ledger really wanted to make do some crafts one night, but we couldn't find our glue gun, so we weren't able to make the craft he wanted.  disappointed, he asked if we could go get a glue gun and diana said maybe tomorrow.  the next morning ledger busts in on diana getting ready in the bathroom asking when they were going to go to get a glue gun- he already had his shoes on and was ready to go!
playing with his robot toy on the landing.
ledger and i at the movie theater!
more drawing!
making fun shapes with the magnet toys at the library!

thanksgiving at auntie b's

ledger helping his auntie make the food for the thanksgiving meal.
hanging out in the living room with the family.
just chattin' with his aunt gigi!


the whole happy halloween family!
(on a side note- i have no idea how we took this picture...)
ledger excited about how fun the halloween decorations were at this house!
door to door trick-r-treating!
we stopped by the fire department and even got a picture with the dalmatian mascot!
the face paint lasted pretty well through out the night!  this was one tired boy- he didn't last long after we got home...

halloween face paint

eager for a face painting, ledger offered up his blank canvas.
the orange base of his pumpkin face.
the mouth and the eye starts to take shape.

the whole thing- stem and all!
with his costume- he was a proud lil' pumpkin!
i added some white highlights to it because it was a little bit too spooky...
i have a captain america hoodie, so i was rockin that out.  sure, the beard didn't really work with it, but oh well.

preschool halloween

all the kids showing off their costumes to each other!
our happy lil pumpkin!
enjoying the halloween treat we brought for the class!

storytelling about daddy

i couldn't help myself, i wanted to get a picture of adam's name on the library sign!
all the kids, including my own, were wrapped in the story- loving every minute of it!
after the show ledger was really excited to talk with adam- he had so much fun!

pumpkin carving

he was beside himself with excitement as we carved the pumpkins!
putting the lights in the finished products.
such a proud little fella- so pleased with how they turned out!

pumpkin patch

so many pumpkins, so little time...
he finally found the ones that he wanted to bring home.
checking out their whole pumpkin stock.
the two big ones weren't enough, he had to get a few little guys to decorate too.
washing them up, getting ready for the carving!  (well, maybe not carving these little guys...)

orchard field trip 2

being silly with jackson.

hay bails in the shape of minions?  what else could a 4 year old ask for!
feeding the goats.
the petting zoo at the orchard.
a fun water game for the kids to play with.