new bike

driving with the bike, the only way we could get it to fit is to leave the trunk open, which left us with a very slow drive home.
she is so proud of her princess bike!
the test ride!

poco 2

finally got some good pictures of poco, and figured they were too cute to keep to myself!

plans made

the front of the thai place we ate at.
looking down the street of downtown south bend.

looking down the stairs of the place david works at. hes on the 4th floor.
a funny statue they have in their office.

not 'real' sports

the cool mexican place we went to.

the huge mountain of animals in the middle of the store.
a stuffed polar bear just saying 'hey'
this cracked me up- they have a gun library! so, can i just check one out for a week?!? dont worry, ill pay the late fees...

party time

rachel, scott, and joy chilling out at ali's.
ali, derrick, trisha, scott, and rachel taking in the olympics.

self portrait

construction 2

the temporary room with some junk still in it.
with desks.
the finished room.
old stuff out,
needed stuff in!
desks moved, and a few decorations.

construction 1

the new door leading out to the playground.
all the junk that got torn out.
once this is all over, this will be my new room.
it looks a lot bigger than i thought!


this is my niece trying her best to wiggle her ears like her big brother. hilarious!

light show

rex, striking his sexy pose...

hanging out. for some reason aaron thought it necessary to throw out the vulcan hand symbol...


dinner, which usually means trying our best to keep the three kids under control.
photos of reflections dont always work...
tweeter showing off her mad puzzle makin skills.

tweeter pics

tweeter wanted to play with my camera. this is the results...

splish splash 2

jackson after coming down the slide. he doesnt have time to look in the camera, hes too focused on getting back on that slide as fast as he can!
jackson swimming back to shore.
my mom about to take the plunge!

mom prepares for the rough landing!

splish splash 1

tim and jackson heading up to conquer the slide.
papa enjoying the shade. in shades.
tim and tweets about to hit splashdown!

avery giving this whole swimming thing her best shot.

playing uncle 2

avery loves the slide too!
after we got back tweeter was awake too. feeling bad for going to the candy store with the other two and her being left out, we made a candy run, just the two of us.
mema and papa having fun with avery.

playing uncle 1

we werent able to fit on the hayride, but at least we got a picture next to this creepy guy in an alvin costume...
avery, enjoying the candy we got. dont tell her mom and dad!
jackson climbing up the ladder at the beach.
finding all the fun stuff on the equipment.