first walk

he really likes the reflective stake in the lawn and wanted to check it out!
'thats enough walking for today, dada.  i think i'll just sit here in the grass for a while, if you dont mind!'

guns out!

'with all this workin' out, i've got to replenish my electrolytes, bro'
he sure is getting big!
look at that smile!!!
the thing about ledger that always cracks me up is the fact that his arms actually look like they are muscley and well defined!  our lil' weightlifter!

happy birthday

for some reason ledger was all about playing with that key!
the birthday girl showing off one of her favorite dishes.
more beautiful than the day i first met her- the years have been kind to her, to say the least!

reading on the go

its so cute to watch ledger fidget with the pages, trying to see all the different pictures!
trying to find his bookmark.  he doesnt want to miss a word of this literary classic!
ledger, contemplating the deeper themes and societal implications of his latest tome: farm animals.

random ledge 17

ledger checking out the stability of the swing, making sure its structurally sound before he gets going.
his favorite toy in the car: a dancing princess from one of those fast food places!
lissa got him a tuxedo a while ago.  thought i'd see if he was ready to fit into it yet- not quite, but soon!
this is one of ledger's favorite places to play!  for some reason he really loves climbing over that cross bar of he high chair.  he knows full well that he could just scoot around it, but for some reason he really loves the challenge!

south bend weekend

ledger checkin' out the joint.
i'm not sure, is ledger trying to do the 'home alone' face?!?
shake that watering can, boy! shake it!

oh poop.

all that digging, and all we are left with is a bit of dirt that needs to be covered again with mulch.  not too bad!

play that tune

he had been playing with it even before we put the batteries in it, so when it came to life and started making noise, he was a bit surprised!
tickle them ivories, ledger!
its almost as if he is trying to figure out how the thing works!  'wait, i push this button and it plays music and it lights up?!?  how does this crazy contraption work?!?'

dad and sis visit

ledger showing off how he can now stand on his own!
swing time at the park!
whenever there are guests, ledger always has to pour out all his toys to show off!
doing a little reading with auntie barbara!

random ledge 16

sleepy baby!  so exhausted from playing at mema and papa's that i didnt even have the chance to put him in his crib- he just passed out in my arms!

out shopping with his dada!
taking care of his computing for the day.  you know, work comes first!
ever since diana's phone fell in the water, ledger now has the most expensive toy ever!

ledger's prizes

thanks to his cousins, he was able to get to the fun inside those wrapped up boxes!
sitting with dada checking out the new fun toys he gets to play with!
'we're not done yet- there still more prizes!'
all eyes on ledge.
what do you do after you open all your prizes? why, you get naked!  hurray!!!

aves, professional photographer 2

not entirely sure what is going on with this one...
big smiles, aunt diana!
timmy, hamming it up for the camera!
tweets showing of as many teeth as she can!
uncle don seems almost surprised by the camera!
mema isnt quite as pleased about the whole thing...
aunt ruth sipping up her after dinner coffee!

aves, professional photographer 1

big smiles!
hey papa!
jackson wasnt too keen on getting his picture taken...
so she had to sneak a picture or two without him noticing!
diana and tim chillin out.
a stunning self portrait...