christmas with the brinks 2

each of the families got a serving plate- everyone matches!
all the guys got michigan shirts too!
ledge helping mema open one of her prizes.
one of the gifts came in a bag, so ledger thought he would hop in and pretend to be the present!
jill always hates to have her picture taken, so i have to get a shot on the sly...
ledge checking out his new smart watch, it has games and a camera on it!  thanks mema!

christmas with the brinks 1

jackson has been practicing his guitar playing, so he played a song for us!
ledge giving his cousin a hug- so cute!
asking uncle tim to cut off the tags of his newest gift.
his auntie jill and uncle tim got him a cute little pato (from the cartoon Pokoyo) for christmas and he was absolutely thrilled!
aves was really in to shopkins this year, so we showered her with dozens of them!
for some reason jackson thought it was funny to always do a peace sign whenever a picture was taken.  it wasnt.

prizes, prizes, and more prizes! 2

excited about his new remote controlled robot!
trying out his new kids binoculars!
heading back to the tree for his next prize!
one of his favorite gifts this year was the singing and dancing alan the alien!
playing with alan!
exhausted and spent, all the gifts were opened.  now its time to get a little rest so he can play with them all again later!

prizes, prizes, and more prizes! 1

as you can see, he's a little big excited about getting to open his prizes...
digging right in on his first gift of the morning.
another hexbug!  he was thrilled to get another one and wanted to introduce the new one to his other two bugs so they could be friends.
dancing along with his new dancing wind up robot.
one of his gifts was a set of poles and joints to make his own forts- so we immediately headed to the playroom and made one together!
taking a little breather and getting a drink- thats the thing about christmas morning, you've got to stay hydrated!

random ledge 51

playing with his new snoopy toy while chowing down on pandas!

ledge always loves riding sandy at the M store!
ledge is excited about his monster gloves and hat!
nothing to see here, just a bunch of stuffed animals.  nothing out of the ordinary...
putting up some christmas decorations in ledger's room.
making treats with mema!

watchin' tv with daddy.

detroit christmas 2

the boys sure are ready for breakfast!
they started digging into the gifts as soon as breakfast was over!
enjoying the gifts and showing them off to grandma!
all the kids watching a little christmas tv with their grandma.  and grandpa fast asleep...
some of the beautiful architecture of the rad old detroit house!

detroit christmas 1

auntie barbara reading to liam and ledger before nigh-night time.
diana and james hangin around the fireplace.
all the adults played a fun role playing game after the kids when to bed.
ledger the astronaut playing in the kid's kitchen playset.