hello again

we sat at red robin for quite a while just making lovey-dovey eyes to each other. gross, huh?

carefull, shes on the hunt!

lazy sunday 3

timmy was feeling pretty, so i had to have a photo shoot, right?
oh, he certainly is irresistible!

the afternoon begins to wind down...

tweets begins to wind down too.

im pretty sure aves is ready for a nap!

lazy sunday 2

jackson enjoying a buzz lightyear movie.
a buzz lightyear movie, and dessert!
papa decides to join him and see how this buzz lightyear adventure ends
aves and i playing around on the couch.

lazy sunday 1

tweets showing aunt diana what she wants for christmas.
paging through, finding just the right toys.

looking hard, tweets doesnt want to pick the wrong thing- she does her homework!
aves enjoying desert on papa's lap.
the best part of autumn: the pumpkin pie!!!

play time 2

papa and jack looking through one of his books.
tweets wasnt feeling so well, so she would often retreat for hugs from her mom.
aves and me, just happy to be alive!
aves has a favorite family member: her (soon to be) aunt diana!

play time 1

tim and aves playing with the new toys.
aves and diana having fun.

watching the kids play.

dance time!

when the music first started, aves did a hilarious dance, but unfortuantely she didnt repeat it when i actually had a camera out! these videos are funny none the less!

this time tweets got in on the action too!

another funny video of tweets and aves doing their thing!

after watching the girls dance around, jackson wanted to join in too!

date night!

on the way to dinner i found these great glasses in the backseat of my moms car. i offered, but diana said they were too hot to wear for the whole night...
jill and tim enjoying the meal at logans.
hanging out at the mall.
at tim and jills we sat around and played the game 'life'! for some reason diana didnt appreciate the candid photo...
i got to be the banker! mohoha ha ha!!!

teachers convention 2

after all the sceduled stuff on thursday, a few of us teachers got together and ate out at barnaby's. its a really cool pizza place in downtown south bend. we had a great time, and the pizza was really good!

teacher convention

over looking the eating area in the convention center.
i almost dropped my phone down a couple floors trying to get those pictures! i nabbed it in time, but it must have taken a picture while i was fumbling for it. oops...
some of the seminars took place in the hotel connected to the convention center, and this is its lobby.

goodbye marlow

once i saw this screen it brought me right back to the good old days in college when i first learned how to use a mac.
the second bedroom at its worst.

what the room looked like before i started my quest to clean it all up.
probably hard to believe, but this is a huge improvement over what it looked like- its still a mess, but at least its an organized mess...

classroom decor 2

on my bulletin board i decided to create a scene from mario brothers!
since i already had mario on the wall, i figured this one should feature his brother luigi.
oh, free guy!
watch out for the goombas!

classroom decor 1

this years theme was video game characters, and of course that really means NINTENDO video game characters...