morning with dada

me and my one year old son!
papa reads the paper in the morning, so ledger wanted to do some light reading as well!
it didnt take him long to dig in to mema's laundry basket of fun!

little amigo

the happy, restful couple!
chow down, big fella!

anniversary 4

it was a really nice room and the bed was surprisingly comfy for a hotel bed!
ooh, now thats going to be very relaxing- just what we needed!
the grandvillage inn, it was a rather nice place.  unfortunately we didnt get to partake, but for some reason they have complimentary soup in the lobby.  soup?!?  not entirely sure why, but they do.

headed home

taking a couple minutes for one last visit with his aunt and cousins!
what was this thing doing in our car?  he seems to really like it.  uh oh...

sunday fam

aves and ledge, what a couple of cute cousins!
ledger, all strapped in, ready for church!

breakfast castle

aves, in her super cute cap, and her crazy uncle mark!
speaking of crazy... whats going on with that blank stare, tweets?
after breakfast we even dragged papa out to the second hand baby store so we could get ledger a few more  pants and shirts that fit him.

dj aaron

me with my super famous dj friend!
out front they even had a sign with his name on it- he's hit the big time now!
the four of us chillin out and catching up.

random ledge 15

drink up, ledger!
our little scooching baby wandering around the kitchen!
now he's ready to brush his teeth!
look at that smile!  lady killer!
ledger, in his jumper, peeking around the corner of the couch.
big hug for mema!

nerdy laugh fest

the beautiful fountain street church where the show was held.
matt mira, my favorite of the three, got the show started with a bit of the funny, sharing some recent reviews that were hilarious.
jonah ray went on next, sharing his passion for music and all things hipsterish.
chris hardwick was up third, he shared with us his nerdy comedic stylings, and i do mean style!
next up was the podcast itself, the three guys just hung out and chatted for an hour.  sounds boring, but it was really quite funny!
they ended the night with some audience interaction- chris went up and down the rows of the place taking questions and comments from fans.

japan lunch

this place had some amazing food- and the prices were more reasonable than i expected!
even though jeffry lee looks like he has been shamed into eating this plate, he was actually quite excited about it.  its one of his favorites!
and here's brains with the exact opposite reaction!  he loved it too though, so his excitement is genuine.

pizza stop with jeffry lee

ledger enjoying a cracker at pizza hut, completely unaware that he has two antenna sticking out of his head...
 we had a little time to kill after lunch, so we headed back to the house and just played with ledger for a while!
he's a natural, right?  i figured i'd just sit back and let him to all the baby work!

toys away

he loves that little book- it talks back to him every time he turns a page!
yup, its a pineapple.