fill the walls again

with the theme being tools and builders, i made a big red toolbox with all kinds of stuff jumping out of it! i put the title 'tools of God' next to it and included a dozen or two different qualities of God and a passage that ties in with it. oh, and i scattered a few tools in there as well...
the toolbox explosion continues!
against the side wall i made an image for both of the different types of classes i am teaching this year. this one is the foundations class. you cant tell very well with this photo, but its a concrete truck pouring a foundation. get it? foundations? i know...
on the other side of the wall i made the framework of a building to go with our builder class. this one i really dont like at all. i had a great idea of making it 3D with two point perspective and everything, but after two and half hours, i finally scraped that idea and went with this very underwhelming 2D version instead.
heres what the side wall looks like with both the foundation/builder images

stinky dog

when ever i've amassed a few pictures of our stinky dog, i feel compelled to post them, so here we go again!
this afternoon poco must have been missing his homeland because he wrapped himself up like a burrito!
i can hear him now: 'dad, why must you be bothering me, i am busy looking out my window. no pictures please!'
last time we took him with us to mom and davids and he found this rubber ducky! he was really confused by it because it made a squeaky noise, but it was not soft and furry like all his toys at home. hilarity ensued!

on deck 2

once we got the posts in place we had to somehow secure the rest of the deck around the hot tub. there was a lot of guess work and brainstorming so we could get around the difficult shape of the hot tub!
my dad's mantra for construction work paid off again and again: "measure twice, cut once"!
its looking pretty good- and its really secure!

on deck 1

first things first: we did a little clean up around the hot tub, getting rid of the weeds and other things that had accumulated since last summer.
this is where the current deck ends. our goal was to build the new level of the deck all the way to the end of the house, making sure we left room for the maintenance door of the hot tub and for the crawl space entrance of the house.
now that its all cleaned up, we are ready for the posts and cement to anchor the end of the deck.


tim and cat's big pooch charlie. he's getting pretty big but he's still a puppy. the best part about charlie is watching him try to walk around in those big puppy paws of his! ha! he's starting to grow into them, but he's still pretty uncoordinated!
Diana and i in their living room enjoying the time together.

a major paint

this is the back bedroom after the roof got painted, but before any of the wall painting was done. we tore out the edging around the bottom so we can replace it with some that actually looks good!
the walls and window frames are starting to look much better with that layer or two of paint, huh?
our paint supply mess and the torn off edging.
before we put the new stuff up i gave each one a couple coats of white paint so they look really sharp when we put them in place!