christmas day

here are a few more pics of us hanging out at my sister and brother-in-laws place on christmas day.

christmas with the kids

a few more pics from christmas with the family.

a view to kill for

thursday night we stopped over at a friends place to pick up her mail (she and her husband are out of town for a while). i hadnt been there before, so i wasnt quite prepared. come to find out they live on the 14th floor of a building downtown chicago. out on their deck is this amazing view! the bright light in the background is the top of the hancock building. wow!

more st louis pics

nice glasses

theres a new 'terminator' movie coming out, and it stars jeffry lee as the t1000. hes back, and this time hes dressed to go clubing...


i figured id just let the pictures speak for themselves. the less i add the better.

classroom art

here are the works in progress. they will look a lot better when they are done, i promise!

comic con 07 part 4

i just got a few more pics of comic con from jeffry lee, so i figured id share those too. last ones, promise...

jackson: artist extraordinaire

as was shown earlier, my nephew is an amazing photographer. i think hes got a real future in the world of photography. oh, and the blurriness, im told, is intentional (something about it being more artistic that way...)