cute faces

feeling all excited about the fun at mema and papa's house, ledger was just making all kinds of faces!  here are a few of them that i was able to catch!

peace, bro.

for some reason, timmy thought it necessary to throw up a peace sign everytime i tried to get a picture of him...

while we were gathered around the dinner table, before all the food was set, tim decided to try a balancing act with the plastic bowls.  he would put one, i would place the next.  this kept going higher and higher!  this picture was a bit premature, we actually got about three more bowls before we couldnt go any higher because of the dining room light!  peace, in deed, bro.

christmas prizes! 2

mema passing out a gift or two as we watch aves and jaidey rip open another prize!
mama helping ledger tear open his next gift.
mema gets in on the action too!
we've got ourselves a good mess going!
so thrilled about his prizes, ledger begins jumping up and down like an out of control froggy!
time to take a little break from all the excitement- lets go explore under the table in the dining room!
ivy sits back, not entirely sure about the festivities...

christmas prizes! 1

ledger got a fun boat for bath time, which he loves!
chad and miyuki send a few gifts for the family, and one of the things they sent for ledger was a pair of gloves.  he had never worn gloves before, only mittens, so he was getting a kick out of trying those on!
tim and jill got ledge a mr. potato head- actually, they got him a huge container with four potato heads in it- he was thrilled!
'open! open!' says ledger.
he and aves had a blast playing around with the different pieces, making thier own potato heads!
everyone got new pajamas!  what cute cousins!

christmas afternoon

trying to get the family picture to happen...
ledger with one of his favorite toys: the laundry basket!
aves, being extra goofy!
a fun afternoon together!
the ladies chatting it up while jackson sits with rapped attention!
the girls show ledger their great art skills with the colored pencils!

christmas morning church

back from church but still dressed up.  i guess that means its time to be extra silly!
ledger was so excited about the day that he was bouncing all around  the house- hardly standing still long enough to get a picture!
he's eyeing that christmas tree...
got it!  he does love to touch those ornaments!