burpy time

sometimes diana burps him too, she doesn't put him over her shoulder, instead she sits him up, puts a burp cloth in front of him, and pats his back to get those burpys up.
he's not always so fond of these sorts of burpy times- look at those hilarious forehead wrinkles!

great grandma's joy

four generations of family- great grandma, grandma, mom, and son.  what a blessed moment together!
bill seemed a bit uncertain of what to do with ledger, but got a good laugh out of his own clumsiness!
a quite look of joy and pride.  we will miss you, grandma!

home and sleepy 3

ledger, are you trying to peek out of there with out us noticing?
ledger doing one of his patented turtle neck stretches!
look, ledger made a friend!  take good care of him, squirtle!

home and sleepy 2

what a goofy face he's making here!
for the first little while he didnt really want a pacifier, instead he would just suck on his lower lip!
look at those huge lips!  diana says that they come from me.  i guess i had never noticed if i have big lips or not, all the hair on my face kind of makes it hard to tell!
sleepy little baby!
so cute!!!

home and sleepy 1

this became a bit of a trend: fall fast asleep as soon as dad holds you.  tell you what, i sure didnt mind!

his hand sure is wrinkly!  well, i guess he was in amniotic fluid for the past nine months- he's probably still drying out!
'oh dad, it is too bright!'  poor thing...


after she saw me rocking ledger, she wanted a try too!
poco is not allowed in ledger's room, but he was really really wanting to come in!  we told him to go to his bed, and here he is on the corner of it leaning out to see into the room where diana is rocking ledger!  what a goofy dog, huh?

poco, meet ledger

after two and a half days away, poco was sooo excited to see his meem!
look- we match!
poco was so curious as to what ledger was all about.  he would walk up and sniff the air trying to figure it out!  he would start to loose interest, and then ledger would move his leg and poco would be focused again!

buckle up

what a tiny little man!
i think he got lost in there for a while, that car seat just looks so huge with him in there!
diana and her mom obviously agreed about how cute he looked, they had to take out their cameras too!

the hospital and room

this was the hospital we stayed at, community hospital of munster.
our post natal room, where we spend the most time and had all our visitors!
it was a really nice room, quite a bit of space and the pull out chair that turned into a bed was actually quite comfortable!
one of the things that diana loved while there was that water cup on the rolling table- they would come and fill that with ice whenever she wanted!
most of my time was spent at the table.  i brought my computer and was able to play and organize all the photos i took during the visit (i think it was around 400 pictures...)

in the glass

it kind of looks like he's in an incubator or something.
both mom and son try to catch a few z's.
just look at that face!
when ever we would have to unswaddle him to change him, he got pretty mad at us!

hands and feet

look at those little fingers!
what a sleepy head!
though he is so small, his feet are quite large!  even the doctors and nurses would comment on how huge his feet were.  and on top of that, his toes were really long!
check out those boats!

where are you?

barbara was kind enough to record poco's reaction to sniffing the blanket that ledger had been wearing.

a healthy return

barbara was so excited to be an auntie!  i have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of her in the next few months...
mom holding her beautiful new grandson!

heating up

the two grandmas look on as ledger heats up!
mema and papa, wishing they could hold their new grandson.
i was able to roll diana in to the nursery so we could see him again and hold him.  lissa, barbara, and dad all look on with joy!

a new room

with so few seats in the room and so many guests, mom and papa had to share one!  but these proud grandparents were just fine with that!
when david arrived he brought diana's favorite gift: chocolate!
thanks for coming down lissa, it means the world to us!