nemo decor

for the most part i thought they turned out rather well!  i drew them up and even had some of the kids help with cutting them out.
that little purple squid was my favorite- so cute!

thanks again!

as we hung around before dinner we all watched ledger play with some of tavish's great toys!
aunty barbara had a blast playing with ledger while the ever vigilant poco oversaw all the proceedings...
his favorite of all the toys was the bin full of play food- yum!
poor ledger, all alone...  (dont worry, we arent bad parents, i was obviously in the room taking the picture, right?)

grandpa's tea

first grandpa tried giving him little sips of it in a spoon, but that didnt last too long...
before we knew it grandpa was letting him sip straight from his cup!
by the end it became a bit of a show- everyone gathered around to see ledger try to navigate his way around that glass of tea!

allen thanksgiving

as soon as we walked in the door, and got ledge out of his car seat, uncle arnold was all over him!  ledger has always been really good with who ever holds him- and today was no exception!
aunt becky enjoying her time with ledge!
uncle arnold has a huge room in the basement- and we packed it full!
ledger enjoyed some thanksgiving food too, grandpa fed him a little bit of sweet potatoes.
diana's cousin's son is a whiz at the piano, he even performed for us an original tune that he wrote.  it was quite impressive!
grandpa had a bunch of fun playing with ledger all day.  i'm pretty sure that grandpa has a new favorite person!

getting ready

stink was none too pleased about the early wake up...

afternoon with mema

when papa and i got back i got to hang out with ledge and aves!

hit the hut

ledge, bellying up to the table!
the mema was so excited to show off her little guy!

random ledge 6

another shot of ledger all decked out for a cold walk around the blog with dad and dog!
our little male model!
you're looking a little cross-eyed there, buddy!
the little dj with the wild hands!
he is certainly excited about his new profession- spin those beats, ledge!

random ledge 5

for halloween he dressed up as superman, but by this photo you would have thought that he was dressed as mother theresa- folded hands and everything!
ledger just chilling out, playing in his crib, while dad is busy cleaning up his room!
ah, look at that smile- who could resist?

first halloween

alanna, who is amazingly handy with a sewing machine, had made this costume for her son last year.  she offered it to us for our little ledger for this halloween, and its so cute we snagged it up!  in case you are wondering, ledger is dressed as clark kent as he changes in to superman!
sorry honey, you have to hand them out- you cant keep them all!  ok, maybe just a few...
it got a bit chilly as the evening wore on, so julie wrapped up our little superhero in a warm comfy blanket.  he was very happy about that!
that blanket was his favorite!

bottle holder

'dont worry dad, i got this...'


and after a big mess like this, he definitely needs to do a bit of brushing!

tavish's teachings

'and if you want to make any long distance calls, you just press this...'
ledger was very fascinated by what his cousin was teaching him!
this shirt isnt accurate at all.  ledger's not that big...
i took poco out for a little walk and figured ledge might want to go out and enjoy the nice weather too.  so i strapped him on and headed out.  he was very fascinated with the leaves!

random ledge 4

ledger, all dressed up, playing with a binky at diana's mom and david's house.
his favorite part of eating: the spoon!
could he get more excited?!?
chowing down on one of his toys...

random ledge 3

he loves to play with his feet!
living the cushy life at jeffry lee's pad.  he could get used to this!

indy con

this is the motel 6 i stayed at, it was fantastic!
they had just recently redone the whole place and it looked so modern and cool!  look, its even got a window seat- how fancy!
it had a nice 27 inch flat screen tv, a desk for playing on my computer, and heat actually worked!
check out how cool the bathroom was- it had an awesome raised sink and look at that rad towel holder/light fixture!  and you know what?  it was only 40 bucks!  i just couldnt get enough of this place!  once again, if you are ever in indianapolis, you have to go to this place- its only about 10 minutes out of town and is wonderful!  tell em i sent ya...
sad but yummy: eating alone at the ruby tuesday's salad bar.

family sunday

look at that cute turtle smile!
ledge loves to see his aunt jill!
he loved to play in mema's bouncy, but still wanted to take the time and get his daily reading in...
mema wanted to hold him for his nap and decided to join him in sleepy town...