pillow tum

poco has been doing very well with ledger so far, when we put ledger on the couch, poco gets out of the blanket he usually rest in and goes to the floor.  he knows he's not aloud to be too close, and he has been very respectful and keeping his distance.
after he fell asleep in my arms, i set him down on his blanket so i can swaddle him up and put him in his crib.
those little hands!
again with the sucking his hand!  we let him do this, its supposed to help him to learn that these are his hands and he can use them!

tum roll, please!

after the amazing tummy roll, we pulled out some of the toys for him to play with at tummy time.  he has no idea what it is at this point, in fact, i'm not entirely convinced he knows what his hands are, let alone any toys in those hands!
look at that face!  he looks like a wrinkly old grumpy man!  ha!
this is just too much!

mema's visit

at the steakhouse, mema wanted to hold ledger.  the only thing on his mind, though, was sleepin!
as you can see, ledger has already learned that shopping isnt really all that fun.  get used to it buddy, cause thats what your mom and mema love to do!
mema at walmart, showing off little ledger- i would guess that about 10 people walked by and smiled huge grins when they saw our little guy!  i might be a little bias, but i'm pretty sure that everyone thinks our little guy is the cutest baby ever!
mema is so proud of her little grandson ledger!


so comfy!
sleepy burp!
'shhhh, dont tell no one!'

heads up

'oh, hi dad.  what's up?'    'not much, wrinkly little man, how about you?'
ledger sticking his tongue out, but just a little...

glamour shots

there was a sign on the counter in the studio welcoming the latest male model!
diana and i enjoyed the hour or so rest while beth took ledger.  i hope we didn't snore too loud...
we already got back a little sample of what she took that morning- look at how cute he is!


 our little doggy enjoying some time in his little house.
 a few pictures of poco filtered through instagram.  cute!

tummy time

'now what is all of this?'  ledger seems a bit uncertain about what is going on...
ok, now he is certain about whats going on and has decided that he doesnt like it!
'oh wait, mom is down here with me?  i guess this isnt so bad after all...'

sleepy boy 3

he's not too happy about his binky falling out!

sleepy boy 2

look at that wrinkly forehead!  ha!

miranda's photo shoot

diana and miranda trying to set up a great picture.  for the most part ledger is accommodating.
i wanted in on the pictures, so miranda took this cute one of ledger and i.
he's comfy and sleepy, but just peeking over to see whats going on...
now there's a proud (and beautiful) mother!

sleepy boy 1

a rare moment of being awake!  it often feels like he doesnt take naps through out the day, but rather that he takes short breaks from his 24 hours of sleeping to look around for a minute or two, then back to sleepy time!

aunt guests

aunt carol was so amazed at how little he is!
aunt marlene giggled at our cute little guy about as much as i do!
beaming with pride!  she's got 37 great grandkids, but she's still just as excited by ledger as she was the first one!