to serve

one of the students got to change up the message on the sign outside!

here one student repaints a bench while a bunch of others help clean up the underbrush in the background.

a little weeding and planting of the new flowers for the season- looking good!

crash the easter bash

you knew i couldnt talk about a puppy with out pictures, right? well, take a look at that little guy!

unfortunately i dont remember what kind of pouch he is, but i do know for sure that he is adorable!

new carpets

tim got us some really nice commercial carpeting for the high traffic living room.

this is the place from the back of the apartment. its not so much a kitchen as it is a hallway...

tim got some really nice stuff for the back bedroom- the whole place looked amazing by the time he was done!

6th art trip

right away when we arrived we were shepherded into this classroom in the art institute and broken down into groups so that we could follow along with the tour guide and check out some of the cool stuff they had to show us.

this work is based on the story 'the portrait of dorian gray'. if you are familiar with the story then you understand why it looks so disgusting! this work was actually used in a film adapatation of the book- cool!

this is one of those strange works that ive always found very interesting. its by magritte that says 'this is not a pipe'. its a statement on what is real and what is not. (yes, it is a pipe, but its not actually a pipe- its a painting of a pipe. get it?)

by the end of the day the kids were exhausted! we rallied them and got them together for one last picture before we got on the bus. not surprisingly, the ride home was a lot quieter than the ride there...