birthday drink

ledger helped to set up the special plates, napkins, and cup for his cousin's birthday!
he even set up the two 'frozen' figures that we had gotten for her at the store!
well, we had actually gotten three 'frozen' figures, but ledge called dibs on the olaf one!
two cousins enjoying the toy room downstairs.
the birthday girl getting some special desert for the special day!

random ledge 43

diana's grandma wasn't doing so well, so we came to visit her- maybe ledger could bring a little sunshine into her life!
i don't know buddy, maybe those would look better on mama!
playing with his ninja turtle on the steps.
sure, you've got all those toys, how about you play with the box we keep them in instead!
now that is a goofy smile...
enjoying his lunch!
ledger was totally captivated by the rides at roger's plaza.  we didn't tell him that they actually move if you put money in them...
fluffy, his snowman, enjoying a ride in the space shuttle.
nice hat...

cabin: hangin'

to be honest, i'd rather not explain what is going on in this picture...
jon has one of those fancy hand warmer things that you light and keep in your pocket.  as he tried to get it started things didn't go so well for him and it slipped out of his hand while he was lighting it.  he got a little bit burned by it.
as always, a little bit of yahtzee poker was played.  it would hardly be the cabin without it!
last year jon and jeffry lee tried to make toilet cleaner bombs.  it failed miserably.  for some reason they thought they would try again.  yup, same result...
one of the items jon got from the dollar store to shoot up with the guns.  he forgot to take it outside, so instead we left it for the next visitor.  so beautiful, huh?
finally it was time to go, back to our normal lives.  as always, one last group picture before we part ways and head home.
we've only got 12 more months until we get to come back!

cabin: inventin'

things didn't exactly go as well as planned.  there were mistakes made.  we wont point any fingers or assign blame, but lets just say that the grand invention ended with the need to burn the whole thing to the ground.  you know, leave no evidence...
it was folly to think that we could play gods. we know that now...  it's fortunate no lives were lost- only pride was lost.  and a little piece of our souls...

cabin: shootin'

i have a feeling that this photo will someday become 'exhibit A' when jeffry lee finally cracks...
aaron sets his sights on his target.
what is on fire on the ground?  i have no idea...
one of the things jon bought to shoot was a set of mr. potato head toys.  i had the honor of taking the first shot at this particular potato, and i must say, i am very proud of my perfect shot- straight through the head, including the cowboy hat!
aaron enjoys a spot of tea before we proceed to shoot the cup and saucer too!

off the cabin!

the traditional stopping at the drive way to celebrate our arrival!
the snow was too deep for dusty's car, but jon's truck was up for the task!  so the rest of us hopped in the back and did a little off roading!
aaron, with one of his fantastic cabin hats on, is quite excited about the sloppy joes jon provided for lunch.  hmm. i think the deer on the was is pretty surprised by all of it too...

playin' in the snow

he is so proud of his little snowman!
flomping around in the snowbanks in front of the house.
nothing- not even snow- could keep this kid from having a great time at the park!

i think i wore him out pretty good, because it only took a few minutes after we got all the snow gear off for him to fall fast asleep in his mema's arms!