ultrasound 2

 these pictures are so cool!  in this one you ca see his profile as he chills out in there!
 this is one of his foot.  you can even make out all the individual bones that make up his little foot!  looks like he's got all five toes on that one!
 here's his profile again, this time he's scratching his head.  must be confused as to what exactly the nurse is doing out here!
our little man already has his dad's sense of humor!  'how are things going in there, son?'  his response: a thumbs up!

finishing touches

diana wanted to have the crib by the window so our little guy would be able to enjoy the sunlight (perhaps she is trying to get him to not have his father's aversion to the outdoors...)

the shelves are ready for all the baby stuff that we will need as the big day draws nearer and nearer!

bowl me over

larry took the bowling part very seriously- i think he even had his own ball and shoes!  tim? not quite as dedicated to the art of bowling...
the girls chatting and enjoying the food, gifts, and fun of the work christmas party.
look at all that fried goodness!  only at a bowling alley...
kat and tim.  awe, dont they make such a cute couple?

crib in pieces

after finding all the assorted hardware that fit the crib, i got busy putting that bad boy together!
turned out pretty nice, huh?


here's the shelves (looking a bit messy already) before we put the new containers up.

much better, huh?  the key to diana's sanity is organization, and this will certainly do the trick!

brink thanksgiving

bubba and i playing after sunday dinner.  last time we were in town i showed him a fun card trick.  he wanted to show it back to me and let me see how good he had gotten at it!

when diana and the girls came back down we all hung out in the living room- this is what our visits to grand rapids are all about: just sitting around with the family having fun and being silly together!

aves shows aunt diana what exactly she wants from the toys r us catalog that came in the paper earlier in the week!

all the while, poco is enjoying the nest of blankets and sheets he made down in the laundry room...

keenan thanksgiving

barbara, dad, and diana all enjoying the holiday together.

dad, bill, and diana hanging out in the living room chatting it up while the food is being prepared.

diana, grandma, and grandma's friend in the living room.

our gross dog pretending that he's a baby for diana to hold.  it works out pretty good, because that way diana and i can get some baby carrying practice in before the little one arrives.  which i'm sure was poco's plan, right?

dressed for success

well, the wife sure thinks its true, and who am i to argue?

kitchen handled

got (almost) all the hinges on and its starting to take shape! that fresh coat of paint makes a world of difference!
now thats some pretty good lookin' hardware, huh?