oh boy, big boy

papa helping ledger figure out what all that stuff is on the kids play mat.
mema got him a new pair of gloves.  he immediately wanted to try them on- they have mickey on them, after all!
enjoying his time with mema!

around the house

his favorite pass time is definitely riding his favorite horsey 'lucky'- and with the fun box of hats that his auntie barbara got him for christmas, he has become a regular cowboy with his hat and everything!
when we pulled out all the christmas decorations we grabbed diana's mom's favorite one of all: the musical bears!  the only problem was that the cord to plug them in was missing.  we didnt have any luck finding it all season, but once christmas was over i stumbled across the cord in the garage!  we pulled it back out and finally got the chance to enjoy them- better late than never, huh?
he's getting so big!
as we do a little bit of cleaning and reorganizing, we decided its finally time to retire all the vhs tapes we had floating around.  ledger wanted to give them one last look before we packed them up for good.
that boy sure does love playing in boxes!

random ledge 31

busy playin' his padpad he got from mema and papa!
levi and miranda stopped by and gave our little guy a christmas toy too- a tractor and animals for his barn set!  he loved them!
trying on levi's big boots!
a proud daddy.
playing in a box.
'silly ledger!  silly ledger!'
checking out some more of his stickers.
following along while grandpa reads him a little book.
rockin' out at the restaurant after church!
our lil' pirate!
going through his flashcards with auntie barbara.

mema papa's!

ledger loves to get down close to examine the toys.  and so does ivy...
trying to fit everything in that ark!
papa's got a couple kids who wanted to sit on his lap- this was their solution!
ah, the obsession grows- 'poptarts, papa!'  and, of course, papa obliges...
silly bathtime hair!
wrapped up like a burrito, sitting in mema's chair, watching mickey on her padpad.  spoiled rotten, i tell ya!
ledger was being pretty naughty.  he pulled off the towel ring in the bathroom!  fortunately, papa was quickly able to fix it right back up- no problem!

snowed in

at one point this used to be bushes...
somewhere under here is our deck...
at least the lake will be frozen enough for the ice fishers to have a blast!
i'm not sure, but i think there are a couple cars over there...

a squirmy sitting

before the shoot, ledger was having a blast with this little blue chair!
we tried everything: toys, crates, suitcases, trains, duckies.  nothing would keep this little guy still for very long!
he was a bit perplexed by the train in the crate...
as we waited to check out the proofs, then he sat perfectly still and quiet as a mouse.  of course...
he loved pressing the buttons on the calculator!

random ledge 30

those dvd cases sure are delicious, huh boy?
our little farmer jones!
he really loved his overalls- and looks so cute in them!
nap time in the kitchen!
pop-tarts with papa!
with all these toys around, our boy decides the one thing that would be the most fun to play in is the laundry basket.  go figure.

keenan prizes

no, silly boy, thats not what you do with a present!
sal was pretty interested in all the gifts too...
ledger totally loved the stuffins doggy his grandpa got him!
exhausted after a long gift giving afternoon, sal decides to take it easy under the tree!

lucky boy!

tavish got a few turns on the horse as well, but ledger wouldn't go much more than a half hour without wanting to get back on that thing!
this is about as happy as one boy can get!
rockin' rockin' rockin'!
even when it was cartoon time, he still wanted to rock on that horse!

games and memories

everyone gathered around the table to play the game adam brought.  oh man, we had so much fun!
adam thought it would be awesome to watch the kettle, piping hot from being on the wood stove, melt through all the snow...
and he was right!
'fun with hats!'
or maybe not so much fun... how about 'serious with hats!'
goodbye, cabin!  thanks for another great year of crazy memories!