awesome! aaron had this stored away on his computer from all the way back in 1999! dang... this is a picture i took back in college of a totally rad statue i made of Nibble Bob. if you are wondering who Nibble Bob is, then you dont belong here looking at these pictures. if you do know who he is, then you are welcome here any time!

photo album time! ugh...

let me introduce you to a few of my buddies. most of them have been friends for a very long time. sure, weve all had our ups and downs. many times we have moved away and returned (and moved away again) but through it all we have been a great group of chums. let me tell you whats going on in the pics... actually, ill just let the photos speak for themselves.

my attempt at kids tv

a buddy of mine asked me to make a few sketches for this kids show hes working on. i figured i would give it a try. some i am happier with than others...

this first one is an image of a club house, or something like that.
this one is for some kind of strange plant guy that he wanted me to try my hand at. he wasnt sure if he wanted the character to be a hanging plant, or the whole body thing. so i tried them both. heres the basket one, the full body one is at the end of the post.

i guess the main character of this kids show is a strange girl camel who is supposed to look like a librarian. not so sure what my buddy was smokin... but i think the sketch looks kinda cool.
anyway, i hope my buddy likes the pics...