random ledge 24

he sure does love his rubber duckie!  ernie would be so proud.
silly faces with dada!
ledger enjoying his new huge toy playset!
trying on grandpa's old man sunglasses!
he loves to play, but he loves making a mess more!
impressive, no?  somehow he balanced his sheep on the baby gate.
he sure does love that three legged cat!
chowing down on a cob of corn!
this is probably ledger's favorite place in the whole house!  he will constantly run out of the living room with all his toys just to stand in this corner of the kitchen.  strange...

gatecon 2

gary jones, who played walter on stargate sg-1, was the first guest.  he shared some stories about his 10 years on the show.  the best was giving us the strange and sordid timeline of how his character got his name!
christopher judge, who played teal'c on sg-1, was next.  jon and i saw him a couple years ago, but he was infinitely better this year- he was much more level headed and hardly even mentioned any pranks...
the final guest of the day was amanda tapping, she played samantha carter on sg-1.  we had never seen her here before, so it was really cool to see her in person and share her perspective on the show.

gatecon 1

one of the proud purchases jon made in the merch room!
another great purchase by jon- i played around with this guy for an hour or so during the con!
i said jeffry lee wasn't too bored.  granted, he was bored, but not too bored...  a while later, between guests, we went back to the car to drop off our merch and jeffry lee grabbed his tablet to play with during the rest of the con...
well, at least somebody's having a great time along with me!
they give us an hour in between speakers around lunch time, so the three of us walked next door to the local fast food joint!

the lil' gardener

water those plants, ledge!
he's so pleased with himself- 'i get to water the flowers with grandma!'
no no, ledger, we dont need to water the bench!

dip in the lake

everybody enjoying a little cool down in the middle of the lake!
mama and ledger drying off after a fun half hour in the water.
just look at those lil biskies!

his first girlfriend

bella, ledger, and tavish playing around in the living room with the plethora of toys!
trying to give his new girlfriend a gift.  she is not impressed.  story of my life...

surprise visit

a very happy grandpa, so pleased that we came to visit!
ledger poking around in the dirt while buddy and poco do the same...
our little troublemaker finally landed himself behind bars!

at the park

ledger climbed into the wooden house and chatted it up with some new friends!
he loved climbing around on this car, spinning the steering wheel, and making all kinds of silly noises!

hiding around the house

yeah, i have no idea whats going on here...
maybe he's melting?  i'm not entirely sure...
looks like somebody found another place to hide!

punk rawk birthday

before the concert we headed over to barbara's to hang out.  knowing it was my birthday, she got me a cake.  the problem was that the cake was a german chocolate cake.  while that may be a favorite of my father, it is the only type of cake i hate!  coconut is so gross!  dont worry, she knew that i wouldn't like it, it was actually a joke cake, it was just for her and diana...
she had gotten a bunch of cupcakes for me to enjoy while i stewed about that gross coconut abomination she tried to give me first...
two sisters loving the rawk show!
one of the three bands that played that night.  the bar was pretty dirty, but the music was loud and fun- a great time!

south haven meet up

mema was totally prepared for ledger- she even got him a special gift: his own elmo!  when he saw it he immediately yelled 'melmo! melmo!'  and held on tightly to it for the rest of the day!
ledger and melmo enjoying some of the street art in south haven!
mema, papa, and ledger chatting it up.
my beautiful bride and i enjoying the special afternoon with mom and papa.