grandpa time

our little guy was just excited to see his grandpa as grandpa was to see him!
dad was having so much fun with him that he was pretty disappointed when it was finally time to leave.  sorry grandpa, but we have to head back home- its getting close to bedtime for our little man!

the lake retreat

ledger joined us for lunches and dinners around the table.  he's not quite big enough for a high chair yet, so he gets to chill in the car seat!
ledger living it up in the most comfortable bed on earth!
i woke up in the morning, looked to my right to see this gross display!  that stinky dog of ours was fast asleep nestled up in diana's arm as she slept.  soo cute!


looking so cute!  now, i wonder: is that an angel over your shoulder or a devil?
he must have the best tasting hands ever!
after a short fight with nap time, it looks like ledger lost!

miranda's grill out

the whole time we were there it was hard to tear miranda away from our little guy!  its a good thing he is so easy going with strangers, because he was passed around for all to enjoy!
happy birthday, miranda!
that little pest!  he was supposed to be off in his seat sleeping.  but no, we pulled the visor down so he wouldnt be distracted by all the people, but it just didnt work!  but i tell ya what, as soon as we put that car into drive at the end of the evening, he was already snoring!

swinging owls

 ledger in that swing, taking a momentary break from his in depth conversation with those pesky owls that he so loves!

sandy fun

tweets absolutely loves little ledger!  she is so calm and confident around him- she is going to be such a great babysitter in a couple years!
our little sleepy head seems to be ready for bed... or maybe he's just deep in thought.
sound asleep in the chair, with his hands over his head like always!
ledger enjoying this crazy thing called 'grass'!
mema enjoying her new grandson.
so cute!

middle school reunion, take 2

janna, adam, and lauren as they enjoy a few of the treats provided!
nathan, our surprise guest of the the night, arives to much excitement!
for some reason adam had a tiny playset from the movie 'back to the future 2' and just knew aaron would love it.  it seems that he was right!
as our talk turns to our old memories of middle school, adam pulls out an old video cassette!  he has uncovered the old gem of our elementary school musical!  ha!  its hilarious to try and figure out who everyone and laugh about how young we were!  its awesome that adam has kept all these old videos for posterity!
we were just hanging out and chatting when out of the courner of my eye i notice something unusual on the beverage table: a two liter of hee haw soda!  what?!?  i havent seen that stuff in 12 years!  not since living out in iowa have i seen this generic rip of of mountain dew from the local grocery store hyvee!  turns out adam had been in iowa just a week or so before and he happened upon this two liter and brought it back for me so i could have a good laugh!  now thats a thoughtful friend!

breakfast with the ladies

grandma great and ledger.  this is only the second time they have gotten to see each other, so gram was just thrilled to see how big our guy is getting!
as you can see, ledger is thrilled to see grandma great too!  (well, he's only 12 weeks old, so give him a break!)
joni, a grandma half a dozen times over already, was still just so excited to see little ledger!

bunker breakfast

he seems a little dazed and confused, but dont worry little guy, mom is right here for you!
one of his first outings with his new summer hat!

cabin in the pines

diana peeking out from the back room while i am taking the picture from the front door.  on the right is our bed and on the left is a small table and two chairs.
a picture from the far corner of the room, on the left is the front door.  its small, but we dont really need any more space than that!
one set of bunks in the back room.
the other back room set of bunks.

mom and davids

ledger and grandma enjoying the sunny outdoors.
its hard to tell, but if you look closely, you can see that on the deck is david- and he's out there with poco!  you can feel the love, huh?  well, actually, david brought poco out there to scare away the pesky birds on the lawn!

fathers day

this was diana's dad's first fathers day as a GRAND father!  and ledger looks pretty excited about the whole thing, huh?
the family hanging out on the couch, with the stinky dog too.

rescheduled shopping

ledger, excited to see his mema again!  he really loved doing a little shopping.  i dont think it was because of the clothes, but rather the stores' lights and colors!
one thing that we really wanted to find for our little guy was a hat.  we have a ton of tight hats for keeping warm, but we wanted a summer hat to keep the sun off of him.  well, we found a great one- so cute!

falling asleep

 this is a triptych of sleepiness, taken over the course of about ten seconds.  enjoy!
here's my boy in my lap having a great time!
 uh oh, he seems to be getting a little sleepy...
and he's out!

walking with daddy

ledger peeking out over his blanket wearing his super cute pooh hat with ears!  he's such a good walking companion- never once complaining about my uneven pace (though, i will blame most of that on poco's constant need to pee on every single tree we walk past...)
after the walk i put ledger in his swing for a couple minutes while i get my shoes off and stuff.  when i set him down he just looked so funny with his blanket still wrapped around him!  peek a boo!

sitting with dad

he seems to like the feel of these cloths.  actually, he loves to feel all kinds of different fabrics and textures.
well, that didnt last long!  sleep tight, boy!

dad's crawdads

 it was a beautiful walk, heading through the back roads of good ol' osceola!
not content to just wander about near the shore, dad headed out exploring as far as he could get!  eventually he did step in some spots that were a little deeper than he had planned, and he ended up with some pretty wet pants on the walk back!