the cabin '08 videos 3

we went to a karokee bar, and aaron had enough liquid courage to go up and give it a try. he performed 'ice ice baby' by vanilla ice, and it drove all the ladies wild. he even had one come up and ask if he was single...

the cabin '08 videos 2

after rex got up on the roof to check the chimney, aaron decided he wanted to go up too! he wanted to jump off and land in the fluffy snow! then jeffry lee wanted to give it a try...

the cabin '08 videos 1

when we first arrived we were stuck due to the snow being to high. aaron thought of a great way to pack it down so we could drive in...

the cabin '08 8

by morning it was time to pack and clean up.
dusty takes a moment to tie his shoe, and rex finishes up a donut.

jeffry lee packs his things.
the rain during the night had caused the temp to change so much that the air was thick with fog, and the ground was awash in slush. as we were trying to get out the other guy who shares the two-track was out attempting to clean up the thick stuff on the road. we couldnt drive in it, so we waited around for about an hour as he took care of it as best he could with his plow. eventually he cleaned it up and we were on our way, but much later than i had hoped.

the cabin '08 7

we couldn't get the generator to work, so we had to rely on the propane mantle over the stairway...
and flashlights!

the cabin '08 6

all of us just chillin out.

the cabin '08 5

the cabin '08 4

we mixed it up and went to a different place to eat. it was a bit farther away, and the place was packed!

we decided to have a little fun with our hats.
these next two pictures involve aaron, and will not be explained further...

the cabin '08 3

shooter rex and drinker aaron are ready to mix it up...
the snow accumulation up there was astonishing! especially considering how drastically it would change by the next day.
the stove was blowing back some smoke, so we figured the chimney might be blocked by ice. we hoisted rex up to take a look.
aaron finds somewhere comfortable to rest...
rex looks down the chimney and doesnt find any blockage, so we stoke up the fire and get it roaring.

the cabin '08 2

when we first pulled up the two-track drive was going to be impossible to drive through with the vehicles we had, aaron and rex tried to clear it out as best they could.
dusty and i just sat back and watched them work...
jeffry lee's truck actually made it all the way in. while there he came across the other guys who share the two-track with our cabin. he offered to plow the path so dustys car could get through. what a relief!
we finally got to the cabin at dusk.
dusty got right to work on starting the stove so we wouldnt freeze to death.

the cabin '08 1

before we headed out we picked up some lunch at burger king.
i rode with dusty and aaron, jeffry lee drove with rex.
the cold steely eyes of a killer.
the trees looked really cool with all the snow on them.

the main event videos

diana and i got a little tent for our dog poco, and aves wanted to check it out for herself...

she also had a hard time getting out...

the main event 6

tweets got a 'hello kitty' cd player,and tim tried his best to make it work.
papa, aves, and mom taking a break from the prizes.
chad and jackson messing around.
by the end of the night all the kids were exhausted! aves took comfort from her milk (or 'nelk' as she calls it), and tweets watched a dvd she had gotten.

the main event 5

in my family, we call a bathrobe a 'mona'. why? i dont know, but the kids have all picked it up too. for christmas my mom and dad got all three of them monas of their own!

the main event 4

proof of chad's amazing gift wrapping skills!
jackson playing with one of his favorite gifts of the night: a transformer.
i tried my best to show him how to transform it.
aves got some princess costumes too and wanted show it off right away!
im not entirely sure what this was suppossed to be a picture of...