random ledge 50

bein' goofy!
on the couch with daddy.
nice hat, son!
this turtle is bigger than he is!
he certainly is so goofy!
going horseback riding at the m store!
silly sweaty hair after playing on the trampoline!
putting together his truck with mama.

sleepy boy

he's so cute when he sleeps, i can't help but take a picture!  here's a bunch of pictures of ledger sleeping.  no reason other than they are super cute...

bouncing birthday boys 2

the boys having fun being silly together as they wait for the pizza.
big smiles, boys!
silly smiles, boys!
singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles!
playing with the transformers we got isaac for his birthday.

bouncing birthday boys 1

bouncing around with owen!
he loved bouncing straight into the foam blocks!
he didn't want to leave skyzone.  the only way we convinced him to go?  cake!

back to the drawing board

he is so proud of his smiling ghostie!
this one is an alien.
this particular alien has really really long arms...

toy mess explosion

these are some older pictures, but i had to show exactly what a toy explosion it had gotten to in the basement at mema and papas!  he eventually cleaned it up, but it took forever!

tractor rides

he was so excited he couldn't even handle it!
good ol' farmer brink over here...

sis' reception 3

everyone mingling and having a great time!
cutting a rug out on the dance floor!  please note, ledger is asking barbara to dance with him!  so cute!
the beautiful sisters!
just outside the barn, everyone enjoying the night together.
as the night went on, barbara changed into something a little more comfortable.  the two of them totally look like they are straight out of the 20's!
the happy couple!
a beautiful sign for all the guests.

sis' reception 2

the barn was decorated so well- it was really beautiful!
ledge wandering around, trying to stay out of the rain!
all four cousins hanging out with their favorite auntie on her big day!
everyone enjoying the great food- even levi!
addressing the crowd of friends and family.

sis' reception 1

the tent where all the guests could sit and eat.
inside the beautiful barn, all decorated up and gorgeous!
our little guy eyeing the yummy cakes...
ready for the guests to arrive!
ledger and abby playing in the kids room!

sis' wedding

my beautiful wife walking down the isle for her sister!
the beautiful bride being given away by her father.
the standing room only lobby that was packed with extra well wishers and loved ones!
a thank you from the new couple!
the three cousins playing in together after the ceremony.