friendly fire

brains and his wife hanging out at the fire. as you can see, brains brought his guitar so he could lead us in a round or two of 'kumbaya'... rex, of course, sit and enjoys his beef jerkey.
freddie keeps a close eye on the fire, trying his best to fry our knees. aaron enjoys the show while keith finds some of his favorite jelly candies.

say good night to the nice folks brains!

memorial weekend extras

aves at the indoor pool wanting her turn to have a drink.

one of the puppies for sale at the flea market. so cute! oh, the dog is alright too...

some of diana and my fine culinary skill on display. presentation is everything!
diana, papa, bubba, and mom all just chilling out. nice tongue there, bubba...
enjoying the water park at sandy pines!

sunday play

tweets playing up in the loft with all the toys up there.
aves uses the stethescope to check the heartbeat of this frisbee, while tweets gets ready for the princess' ball?
even bubba got in on the fun, playing with his rescue heroes.

goodness me, its jeffry lee

for some reason i have a small collection of random jeffry lee pictures. this is as good a place as any to share them, so here goes! hope you enjoy!
i think this is a photo of jeffry lee at work. he's probably trying to hide the fact that he is taking a picture of himself in his cubicle. i like to imagine what a coworker might be thinking if they just so happened to walk by at this exact moment...
now, i dont mean to make fun of jeffry lee here, but i cant help it: he told me that he had gotten a new haircut and wanted me to see it, so i told him to take a picture and send it to me. the then proceeded to send me this photo. i dont know about you, but i can hardly see the haircut! hey jeffry lee, if you are sending a picture of your hair, try to have your hair fill more than 1% of said photo! well, at least he's got his guns out...
i always try to sneak a picture with my camera, but that lil' bugger always sees it coming!

this is jeffry lee's little work buddy: geoffrey leigh! he keeps this little rockin' monkey on his desk at work as a mascot of sorts! i love it!

christmas in may?!?

diana, looking beautiful, was the christmas elf, handing out gifts.
even poco wants in on the action as he races over to diana!

mom and david joyfully watch as aunt gail opens her gift.

crabby brunch

mom and dad looking so happy together on such a beautiful day!
when timmy and jill arrived, we walked out on the balcony of the restaurant and took a few pictures. they look so cute, huh?

i know i already put a picture of diana and i up, but i cant pass up another chance to show off my beautiful wife!

lawn games

timmy and bubba playing out on the deck.
at dinner i got to sit by bubba!
after dinner we took a bit of time to allow the food to digest!

papa, being funny, decided to hike up his 'coo coo' pants... bit of a wedgie there, pa?

those who can, teach

the four brothers talking at the open house, a rare sight to see all of them together!
mom and diana chatting it up with aunt vicki
wandering around aunt marlene's room, checking out all the fun stuff her kids get to play with!