back up north

me taking a picture of levi taking a picture of the mackinac bridge...
everyone pours out of their vehicle for the meet up lunch.
mackinaw pier
the big bridge!

summer starts at the pines

mema showing ledge how to use the blower to clean off the deck.
some of the kids out in the front playing ball together!
wow, they all look so calm and normal.  oh how looks can be deceiving...

a cheesy afternoon

ledge didn't exactly understand this game, but he was really excited about the construction equipment!
he really enjoyed the fun 'rides' they had at chuck e cheeses!
this one had a fun touch screen that he could mess around with while it was moving around.
he really loved skeeball (but who doesnt, really?) even though he was terrible at it.  'no ledge, the ball has to stay in our lane...'
there were a ton of different games with different themes and creatures that kept ledge excited to try more!
a fun shot of the two of us having a great time together!

roof repair

getting everything set up to take a look at the roof.
the two of them got up there to examine the damage.
getting the supplies ready and the wood needed to fix it.
it certainly needed a bit of repair!
taking a quick breather!
the new section of the roof looks great!
an unusual view you dont often get of the neighborhood!
repairing the drywall on the inside of the rental.