ledger has a bit to eat with uncle james.
doing his sound check before the big concert started.
for some reason ledger really loves to go in the doggy cage.  no really, i promise, he did this of his own volition- we did not make him get in there!
before we left, diana did a quick haircut for james.

ledger's first snowman

all bundled up, waddling like a marshmallow, ledger was ready to play in the snow!
before getting to the main event, he wanted to wander around on the deck and do some 'exploring'!
he was having a blast while his mama waved at us through the window, enjoying the warmth while we played in the cold.
a second after this picture was taken ledger fell straight back like a board to the ground, waved around his arms and legs yelling 'i make an angel, daddy!'  i almost dropped the camera from laughing!
stan takes shape!
not content to just have stan sit there on the ground, ledger decided that stan might like to go on the swings!  (he was right, stan loved it!)

steely james

as someone who knows nothing about steely dan, i am intensely curious why a mustache features so prominently in the concert poster...
as the night went on they attracted quite a crowd!