blizzard '011

the drift on the side of our house was over five feet high!
finally on thursday afternoon, i headed out there to shovel out the cars that had been buried in the driveway for the past day and a half!
it took me about an hour and a half, but i finally got the whole thing shoveled- papa would be proud! since the weather was back to normal, sun shining and everything, we did have to go back to work on friday. shoot, we almost got away with a two day work week! maybe next year...

a date, three years later

this year our anniversary fell on a wednesday, so i had to go to work. i did however surprise her with three roses when i got home! she was very excited and happy to celebrate three years together.
we tried to figure out what we should to for our anniversary. diana remembered that great buffet place in michigan city, so off we went on our evening together!

diana for some reason really likes this shirt on me but i never wear it because i think its uncomfortable. but, it being our anniversary, i pulled it out and tried to look my prettiest for her! she didnt have to try very hard to look her prettiest for me, she always looks her best! it was a great day and a great time together. she was the love of my life then, and she is even more so now!

go bears

my lovely wife! with frank and julie in the background enjoying the game.
look at the size of that thing! i have no idea how big it is, but its got to be over sixty inches! fortunately, they also have a huge basement, so it is the perfect fit.
some of frank and julie's friends who came over to enjoy the big game on the big screen.

tiny dog 2

this is poco playing with his new giraffe toy that barbara got him for christmas!
it took him a little bit of time to wear it in, but now he is able to make it squeak when ever he wants to, which seems to be what he is looking for in a toy. squeak squeak!
poco and his little friend seem to have found a pretty comfy place!

tiny dog 1

poco nestling in to my blanket at the foot of my chair.
poco always wants to burrow in to his favorite blanket, and gets quite upset when we fold it all nice because he cant dig into it then.
ah, much better! this is how he prefers to use his blanket! warmly nestled in for the night!