go hawks!

i'm pretty sure the only times i actually looked out at the field was to take pictures...
go team!  score a goal unit!  hurrah!  or something...
there was this big standee thing with its face cut out for us to take pictures in.  so we did.

the park sure is beautiful!  i think the silverhawks won, but i cant say for sure...

random ledge 37

wearing his silly mickey mouse slippers!
not entirely sure what to make of this balloon animal hat that his grandma great gave him...
showing off his superman shirt!
twins, right?
waiting at the dentist for his first check up.  its kind of cool, the dentist has a fun kids play area inside this little play house!  ledger was loving it!
playing with daddy's phone!
'look daddy, i a bridge!'  yes you are son, yes you are...
rockin' some rad bed head after his nap!
i dont know what is going on here, but i do know that i love that silly face of his!
enjoying a boat ride with the family- he even got a chance to drive!
our own little derrick zoolander- male model!

learning to swim

we got there a little early so ledger got to play a bit in the shallow splash pad for a few minutes to get used to everything.
what an amazing facility!  they had an olympic size lap pool, a lazy river, splash pad, and even a two story water slide!
ledger and his new friend colette practice getting in and out of the water while their instructor watches along.


getting pushed on the swing by grandpa!
'hmm, now whats this?' ledger thinks...
it was absolutely heartbreaking.  and yet, it was all i could do to suppress my laughter!
letting out some of that emotional frustration through art...


a cookie with milk- one of life's finer joys!
look at him- he even got to sit in the big boy chairs!
'more please!'

random ledge 36

putting a quarter on his nose.  he thought it was hilarious.  yeah, i don't get it either...
playing with his favorite padpad!
mommy gets a turn on lucky too!
in the backyard playing with his ball!
nice throw, ledger!
exploring the tent for himself.
reading with grandpa!

more 4th pics

ledger was so excited about our tent- he just wanted to get in there and explore!
his favorite bear at sandy pines!
eager to play with his rescue grabber a bit more!
playing in the water with tre and his daddy adam.
nap time- exhausted after a long morning at the pines!
nap time- exhausted after a long morning at the pines!
playing in the grass with his new friends.
the ladies wanted to gather all the little ones together for a picture.  take a wild guess who kept trying to steal everyone's attention...
happy to sit with mema for a little while!
happy to get tons of kisses from papa!

the rocket's red glare

all bundled up and ready for the show!
he's not entirely sure what to expect, but he's looking forward to it!
all cozy with his mama!
i'm not entirely sure who enjoyed the fireworks more- mama or baby!  (actually i do know, it was mama!)
bundled up in mema's lap.